What Is an On-Site Animal Reiki Session Like?

Your animals are most comfortable when they are in their familiar environment, whether this is in your home or in their barn or pasture. When the Reiki practitioner offers your animal companion a session of Reiki healing and light, you are welcome to participate at the outset in a gentle guided meditation. This meditation is designed to settle the human body and mind, and open a heart-centered connection of love and compassion. As the session continues, the Reiki practitioner will focus on creating a sacred space of light wherein all that requires healing may receive it. You may choose to stay and continue with the meditation, or you may choose to quietly move away so that there are no distractions, no judgments and no expectations that can create their own energy stream. After the healing session, Laurie will speak with you to share all that transpired on an energy level, which may include guidance about the animal’s physical, emotional, mental or spiritual state.

What Is a Remote or Telephone Animal Reiki Session Like?

Reiki is the energy of all living beings. We are all made up of this energy, and we are all connected by this energy. We use this energy sometimes when we get a feeling about something, or an intuition about a person or place or event. These moments happen when we are particularly open and sensitive to the web of consciousness of which we are all a part. Reiki uses this flow of universal consciousness, and does not require that the Reiki practitioner be in the same physical location as the animal and their humans. Many people think of Reiki as a prayer or a visualization or as an intent that carries with it the true offering of its human. In many ways, these are all moments of Reiki. As the Reiki practitioner grows in their practice and their skills, offering Reiki remotely is just as effective as when offered in the animal’s physical presence. As with an on-site Reiki session, you are invited to join in a gentle meditation to open your heart connection and sit in a space of light and healing for as long as you desire. Laurie will continue the session with your animal and after the healing session, will share with you all that has transpired on an energy level, which may include guidance about the animal’s physical, emotional, mental or spiritual state.

One-Hour Animal Reiki Session

A one-hour Reiki treatment is the perfect amount of time for an animal to feel the full restful, relaxing effects of the flow of Reiki energy. When we humans stop the conversations in our head and sit with the magnificent energy of universal spirit, our animals know immediately. Unlike us, they have no conversations of the mind, no judgments or expectations. They are deeply connected with Mother Earth, they feel her energy and the energy of all her living beings. And they are highly attuned to the energies of their humans, so when their humans offer a time of gentle love and attention, it is received with great joy. 

One Hour at Your Home or Preferred Location...$95.00

One-Hour Remote Session...$75.00

30-Minute Animal Reiki Session

Scheduling a 30-minute animal Reiki session is a perfect way to introduce you and your animal to the healing art of Reiki. It’s a beautiful way for both species to take a pause in the busy day-to-day of life to open our hearts, offer our love, share a few moments of peace and tranquility, and deepen the miraculous bond between animals and their humans. Reiki is a gift that we can share with our animals and ourselves. And the animals are always grateful for it.

30 Minutes at Your Home or Preferred Location...$50.00

30-Minute Remote Session...$40.00

Four One-Hour Animal Reiki Sessions

(Introductory Recommended Treatment for Pre- and Post-Surgery, Trauma and Recovery, and Chronic Illnesses)*

Animals who are anxious, fearful or aggressive benefit greatly from one-hour Reiki treatments in close succession.  These animals need to take their time to allow themselves to trust and receive.  When they do, they can begin to relax into peaceful Reiki energy and get the rest and comfort they so deeply desire. 

Reiki can reduce post-operative and post-trauma healing time. Because our animals are so sensitive to the energies around them, Reiki not only can reduce physical pain and speed the recovery process but can gently wash away the emotional stresses, fears and anxieties associated with a surgical or trauma experience. Our animals who are suffering from chronic illnesses such as diabetes, arthritis, thyroid disease, degenerative myelopathy and other long-term conditions will benefit from a quiet, meditative healing space that brings peace and ease and a sense of well-being to the physical and emotional bodies.

Four one-hour treatments in close sequence achieve far deeper healing results than a single session in time or several sessions spread out in time. Just as we humans may return multiple times to a massage therapist to alleviate muscle pain or tension, here too our animals receive a cumulative benefit as Reiki energy grows in effectiveness with each successive session.   

Four One-Hour Sessions at Your Home or Preferred Location...$300.00 ($75 per session)

Four One-Hour Remote Sessions…$240.00 ($60 per session)

Four 30-Minute Remote Sessions...$140.00 ($35.00 per session)

*Reiki is not a substitute for veterinary care. If your animal is injured or ill, always consult your veterinarian as soon as possible. It is important to know that Reiki practitioners do not diagnose, prescribe or manipulate.  Reiki supports and compliments the treatment plans provided by your traditional and/or holistic veterinarians, and the animals will take as much or as little as they wish to receive.  

Kitten Paw and Hand

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If we breathe, nurture awareness, find gratitude, and radiate compassion, no trauma or illness is so deep that it cannot be healed by the power of love.
— Kathleen Prasad, "Healing Virtues"

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