Why Should We "Connect" With Our Companion Animals Using Reiki?

There is no greater joy for the animals we share our lives with than to be the sole focus of our love and attention! 

Imagine what it would be like to have your entire life and well-being tied to the comings and goings of busy human beings.  You watch your humans, you follow them, you feel their energy state.  You sleep when they sleep, you have together time when they choose.  If you're a dog, you get to play when they want to play, and sometimes when they walk you, they're not even being "with" you out in nature.  They have their cell phones in their hand or they're carrying on a conversation in their head.  If you're a cat, you marvel at how confusing and scattered your human beings can be.  They decide at odd moments that they want touch and affection, but they just don't seem to understand how peaceful and centered life can be. 

What would this feel like to be our animal?  How patient would we have to be?  How accepting and non-judgmental would we have to be?

When we sit down to share Reiki with our animals, we stop the doing, we stop the conversations in the mind.  We take a few precious moments of our time for the sole purpose of sharing ourselves with our animals.  We offer the greatest gift we can offer to our animal friends, and that is our hearts, our love, our complete attention and focus. Our animals are highly sensitive to our energy, and when we settle into a healing time with them, they experience the change in us as a breath of fresh air!

Through the sharing of Reiki energy, our animals feel our bond strengthening. They feel the heart-to-heart connection we offer, and they so appreciate it!  Whether they are old or young, healthy or infirm, anxious or tired, the gentle healing energy of Reiki flows to provide support and comfort in precisely the way our animal needs it the most.  

Introducing Reiki into our relationship with our animals and sitting within a space of love is a great gift to them, and, we discover, to ourselves as well. All hearts need Reiki. 

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