"I Own This Place!" When Horus Checked Into The Ritz

Have you ever decided that your animal doesn’t like something, a person or a situation, and you just know that when that person or situation arises things will not go well?  Just as words have power, thoughts and expectations have energies.  Have you ever asked yourself whether you are feeding a situation with the energy embedded in your own expectations? 

Horus has had it rough.  He’s a handsome tuxedo cat but he has issues.  His issues require daily doses of a medication that he simply detests.  This causes stress, both for him and for his human family.  But then would come the time for the occasional stay at the Puppy Resort while mom and dad would go away.  The combination of worrying about him spending time away from home and worrying about him being medicated by relative strangers became almost too much to bear. 

But was it really too much to bear for Horus?   Hmmm. 

In Reiki, we learn that our thoughts and our expectations can create their own reality.  And when they are based in fear or worry or anxiety, they are powerful enough to be perceived by our animals.  Whether we worry about taking our beloved friends to the vet, or leaving them while we happily go off on vacation, we are giving life to all of the emotions and feelings embedded in that vision.  We are using the power of our human brain to project a truth, an outcome that is really only one out of many possibilities.  And when we continue to feed it and nurture it, that truth will be delivered to us.

A foundation of the practice of animal Reiki is the practice of focusing on the breath.  When we settle into the sweet ease of simply breathing in and out, of feeling our chest rise and fall, of drawing the beautiful energy of air down deep into our bellies, we find that our nervous system begins to relax.  Our shoulders, our neck, our hands, our facial muscles begin to soften.  We know too that our blood pressure drops, and our heart rate slows.  And we know that we can find comfort and ease with the release of stories and visions in the brain that do not serve us or our animals.

We sit in our breath.  And when we do, then we can begin to use our magnificent mind to create another version of the experience of our dear animals.  We can “see” in our mind’s eye the precise outcome we would like to create for our animals.  We can bring the feelings of that vision into our being and share it with them.  We can see them at ease, relaxed, unconcerned.  We rewrite the story for them!

Horus’ mom didn’t like the expectations that she had, so she began to breathe.  She began to paint a new picture of what would happen when she put Horus in his carrier, put him in the car, and drove him to the boarding place.   What a vision! 

In this vision, Horus stepped out of the car like a Prince out of his limo, and strutted up to the front door of the Puppy Hotel where the door was held open for him.  He walked up to the front desk like he owned the place!  He then proceeded down the hall with an entourage lined along the corridor, awaiting the arrival of His Majesty!  He strode into his room like it was the Presidential Suite at the Ritz.  And he proceeded to allow himself to be admired by all!

What joy!  What fun!  What a different energy!  What a relief to know that Horus might have that experience, supported by the vision and expectations of his mom!

And so it was. 

Animal Reiki teaches us that these dear ones know the energy of our mind creations.  The feel the impact of our visualizations.  And in many ways, they feel it is their responsibility to fulfill our expectations.  How lovely for them if we give them the gift of a vision filled with peace and ease, joy and comfort, love and compassion!  And how lovely for us!