Giving the Gift of Reiki to Dogs in a Kill Shelter

The first time I entered a rescue facility to offer Reiki was in a kill shelter. For the dogs and cats there, there is limited time to succeed in finding them adoptive homes. Once that time is up, if there is no other shelter with room to take them in, these animals will lose their lives.

It was a large place with at least 40 dogs and at least as many cats.  In the section housing dogs, there were massive junk yard dogs that had never been socialized or trained.  Then there were the fearful ones, the dogs who cower and shake, and walk with their hind quarters low to the ground, their tails between their legs.

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Why Should We "Connect" With Our Companion Animals Using Reiki?

There is no greater joy for the animals we share our lives with than to be the sole focus of our love and attention!

Imagine what it would be like to have your entire life and well-being tied to the comings and goings of busy human beings. You watch your humans, you follow them, you feel their energy state. You sleep when they sleep, you have together time when they choose…

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